Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years!

It's 2012! Aren't you excited? A whole new year just waiting to be filled with adventures and dreams!

Oh don't give me that pessimistic "and school and work and fights and crying and breakups" stuff. Being optimistic is good for the soul!

In all seriousness, I'm looking forwards to this year. True, a lot of bad things could happen, but right now there are a lot of good things on the schedule. So I'm going to look forwards to those and stay positive.

The year has already gotten off to a pretty solid start. I spent yesterday with friends and we had a blast. Several of the girls and I had a Phantom of the Opera sing-along and then the whole group had a rowdy round of crazy and brilliantly performed improv games. We finished off the evening with a laughter-filled viewing of Weird Al's film "UHF" which I recommend as a crazy, cheesy flick of weird hilarity. If you enjoy parodies and things like Monty Python and Napoleon Dynamite you'll love this. Low PG-13 for a bit of adult humor, but nothing too risque.

Today I've already successfully altered some shirts for my brother (dress shirts, yikes!), watched the first episode of Dollhouse Season 2, and completed two of the tasks on the to-do list for the business my friend and I are (finally!) starting. So all in all a fairly good day and it's only 6pm.

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