Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once Upon a Time 2.1 - Broken

Wow. Hold on folks, because we're on for an awesome ride this season!

First off, if you haven't finished season 1, go catch up! It's on DVD and Netflix instant, so you've got no excuses!

Secondly... SPOILER ALERT!

This was a fantastic opener. It was much stronger than last year's first episode (and that was pretty decent!), and carried on perfectly from season one's epic finale.

Rumbelle fans are happy - and I'm mixed. I'm a Rumbelle fan, and I'm thrilled to see them together... but it does worry me to see Belle working to change her man. That pretty much never works in real life and is really dangerous, so I'm wary of where it's going... on the other hand, they are obviously trying to keep the "Beauty and the Beast" quality going, so we'll see.

Snow and Charming! Snow being all badass! Charming being a grandpa! Snow and Charming being parents! They were adorable and awesome.

Emma... had angst. But I like that she was determined not to kill Regina. Also, it was interesting that Regina got control of her magic after Emma touched her. What was that?

Then... The Enchanted Woods are still there? But a corner was untouched? Mulan and Prince Phillip and Aurora are NOT a flashback? Man, that would have been beyond awesome if PHILLIP WASN'T DEAD. Seriously. I adored the dude and then he was dead. IN THE VERY FIRST EPISODE. LAME. Ahem. Pardon my emotions.

The dementor wraith was weird, because it didn't have a base in any fairy tales, it was just kind of like they went "we need a scary monster, oh lets do something creepy with a long black robe that SUCKS YOUR SOUL. Let's make one up!" Which isn't wrong, just odd from this viewer's perspective.

STILL. Snow and Emma are not in Storybrooke, and Emma is going to have to face the stuff of legends face to face. And upcoming weeks hold Lancelot and Captain Hook ("He's HOT" one of my fellow viewers declared) and other kinds of epicness. Plus we're due to find out who Dr. Whale actually is before long!

But the biggest question is this: who was the mysterious man in the beginning? The one who received the "Broken" postcard? The theory I've heard is Baelfire, which would make sense, but there are plenty of other options as well. Time will tell!

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Unknown said...

The rest of my family insists that the mystery man in the beginning was Phillip, but I didn't agree, I think he was Balefire!
The hat working only after Emma touched Regina was a surprise, as was Davids face when he landed on the floor and smashed the might have made me laugh, even though it was a sad moment..... =)
I kind of thought Whale was Lancealot, I'm all out of guesses now as to who he really is!