Monday, September 26, 2016

OUAT Season 6 Premiere: The Bad, the Ugly and The Good

"Once Upon a Time" is back for Season 6. And... spoilers ahoy!

Welp. Let's start with the downer. This is definitely the most underwhelming season opener on the show...ever. From a show that delights in giving us unique twists, Emma suffering "Savior Tremors" and being told she is going to die is... very cliche fantasy stuff. I mean, the 'fated death' thing has been done so often that I'm not even the least be interested in seeing where it is going. And Emma not telling her family about what is going on is so very last season. Hasn't she learned by now to confide in her family?


Zelena continues to be whiny. Hook and the Charmings don't really do anything. Regina has the spark of an interesting storyline--after all, no one is meant to be divided in two, and magically removing the 'evil' from oneself is problematic in many ways.

Now the show did surprise us in two ways worth discussing. First, our heroes captured Hyde right off. Which should not surprise us, they DO like hyping up a villain during break, only to pull a switcheroo once the season actually begins.

But even more interesting was Rumple's foray into Belle's dreamworld, where we saw what claims to be the adult version of their son. Now whether this is really baby Rumbelle or someone else masquerading as him remains to be seen. Also under consideration: whether fake Morpheus (whether baby Rumbelle or otherwise) is good or bad.

It will be interesting to see Aladdin and Jasmine FINALLY appear on OUAT, although it is extremely disappointing not to have Naveen Andrews returning as Jafar (from OUAT in Wonderland). I am hyped to get more Cinderella at last, and also to see what the show does with other upcoming characters like the Count of Monte Cristo.

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