Sunday, June 28, 2009

Candy and Classic Cars

I got to do something rather interesting today! My grandfather has two old classic cars, both from the 50's, and he and my cousins drove them in the local town parade. My sister had recently finished a 50's style dress, and I always have something I can throw together, so we got into the back of the lovely old red pickup and threw candy out to the kids.

It was really fun! Except, of course, when we ran out of candy. That was sad...all the kids waving at us and we didn't have anything to give them...and let me tell you, we started out with a LOT of candy!

Anyhow, the plan is for my grandfather's other car, a 1954 Crystler New Yorker to make an appearance in SOTB. So perhaps you all will get a chance to see that eventually.

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Hannah Nicole said...

Very cool. ^_^

What photo-editing studio do you use??? I'M DESPERATE TO KNOW!!! ^_^