Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Editor's Life For Me

The end is in sight!

I formatted the final article into "Ink and Fairydust" today, making the official length 44 pages! I'm extremely pleased and a little stunned.

There is still fine-tuning to be done. I have to format things like page numbers, which aren't automatic in this software. Once those are in, I have to pull the table of contents together. However, timewise I am in a nice place, since it is still five days until we release the magazine.

I'm very excited about this issue. I think we have a great theme (Shakespeare and Writing) and some really good articles!

Editing "Ink and Fairydust" is much more rewarding in this new format, because the visual aspect is so much more pleasing than in the previous issues. I cannot emphesize the differance enough. And it will only get better as I refine my technique.

What can you look for in this issue?

"Much Ado About a Tempest" - a hypothetical story involving Shakespearean characters from across the board.

"Dear Fairy Godmother" - advice to "Not a Capulet" and "Aching Admirer"

"Regina's Corner" - An interview with Regina Doman on Shakespeare and Writing

"A Life of Shakespeare"

"Shakespearean Quotes"

"Decoding Shakespeare" - finding the hidden Catholicism in his works

"Lady Rafka's Review of Coriolanus"

"Writing by Music" - inspirational music to write by

"*~*Rose*~*'s Review of King Lear"

"The NaNoWriMo Pocket Handbook"

"NaNoWriMo Summeries" - see what we're going to be writing about!

"Anti-Writer's Block"

"Sonnet Contest Winners!"

"Photography Contest Winners!"

"Shakespeare at the Movies: As You Like It and Much Ado About Nothing"

"A Chat with Elenatintil" (interview with yours truly)

"From a Kitchen Window" - creativity and recipes for dreary November

"Online Content Writing"

"If you Make Morgoth Mad" - Aunt Rose's explanation of the Forum Family's last adventure

"What Writers Wrote and Scribblers Said" - quotes by writers

"Past the Ends of the Earth" - a continuing story

"An Old Devotion" - Mary the Undoer of Knots

"How to Make a Quill Pen"

"How to Write Tolkien's Elvish"

"Of Words and Pictures" - learning to write by drawing

"A Look at Therese" - movie and soundtrack review

"Prayer Spotlight" - St. Cecilia

"Tree of Autumn, Tree of Winter," A work of fiction.

"Shea and Bergen" a comic

"Three Good Things" a devotion by Jo March

"Young Author Review" on Victoria Kasten.

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Ivy said...

44 PAGES??? Eeep! I can't wait to read it!!!

Hannah Nicole said...

Elenatintil! I'm part of the Fairy Tale Forum, but I've been so busy lately that I haven't gone on...can I still submit my nanowrimo summary before the issue goes out? If so, how do you want me to do so?


Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Hannah - I'm sorry, everything is formatted space-wise now and the deadline for the summeries was well over a week ago.

You can still share your summery on the NaNoWriMo Forum thread! I know we'd all love to hear about it!

Hannah said...

Sounds good! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Rose Marchen said...

*falls over* 44 PAGES!?!?!?!


Good grief, think of all the ink that'll take to print out!