Thursday, November 7, 2013

Snowstorm Stories

 The first snowstorm of the year hit us Tuesday night. Thanks to my weather app on my new phone I was able to track the progress all day, but although the start time moved from 3 to 7, and the number of estimated inches dropped from 4-6 to 3-5, I knew it was still going to be more stress than it was worth to drive myself to my premarital counseling appointment.

Thankfully the timing was such that Nathan could drive out, eat supper with me, and we could go into the appointment together, and my father graciously agreed to come pick me up afterwards. We set off and the snow was coming down, but although Nathan had to drive carefully, it wasn't extremely scary. The roads were snowy, but not slick.

We got to our appointment, delved into stuff with our Pastor, and then I got a text from my Dad. Our power had gone out! The county electric was working on it, but there was no telling when we were going to have heat, light or running water again.

So I got home and my sister was practically buzzing with excitement as she ran around lighting candles. Normally lighting candles in our bedrooms is verboten, but now we got to light as many as we needed. We just had to be careful. Thankfully I had quite a nice stash of pretty safe candles that we were able to set up.

Thanks to my new phone, I was able to take pictures of the cool ambiance and upload them to the internet right away. Which was bizarre, to say the least!

However before I had a chance to start straining my eyes reading in the low light, the power came back on. It was still a bit chilly, but at least we could flush the toilet!

It was all pretty worth it though when I woke up the next morning to a gorgeous winter wonderland outside my window.

Even for this far north, it's really unusual to get snow this early. Even more unusual for it to stay, and there was still snow on the ground when the sun set today, almost 48 hours after it had started. I'm a little worried about what this means for the rest of the winter, but at least after I get through the next 70 days I won't have to worry about driving through bad weather to see Nathan!


Matthew Bowman said...

Just for future reference: if you place a candle on a desk or table in front of you, place both arms on either side, and hold a book on the other side of the candle, you not only get enough light to read by but even get a little bit of heat on your face without any smoke in your eyes. (That's a almost a run-on sentence. I'm going to leave before I go all editor on myself.)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

That would have worked if I wasn't trying to get all sleepy by reading in bed. ;)

Victoria said...

Glad I'm not the only one who's not allowed to light candles in my bedroom! I've always been a bit resentful of it...I do love candles. The power never goes out often enough for me!