Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Self - Congratulations on a New Phone

So I got a new phone. I feel like I should say "I'm finally in the 21st Century!" but considering that we're already 13 years into the century and how phones have progressed during that time, it would hardly convey exactly how awesome my phone is.

It's not an iPhone. I'm one of those people for whom Apple software just does not work intuitively. When I've been on Macs or iPhones I get so confused. I've finally trained the older members of my family to go to my other siblings (who have ipads, phones and macbooks) for Apple help. I'm a Windows girl.

Not to mention that fiance has had a Windows phone that I've been able to test drive, and the overall functionality and the navigational system had me very impressed. So it was important when we were figuring out our phone plans that we pick something that had a Windows option. We both went with the Nokia Lumia 521, which is a lower end phone (just $99 at Wal-Mart right now). The downside is that it doesn't have a great camera (neither in pixels or forwards facing), but otherwise it works really well, and even the camera is such a step up from what I was working with that it's pretty awesome for me.

Amazon picture looks almost like my phone - my layout is teal.
And it was important to get a cheaper phone, because we were switching to T-Mobile's $30 a month unlimited Text&Web plan. T-Mobile has decent coverage in our area, and neither of us are big phone talkers (deaf here! Engaged to a deaf girl there!) so the 100 minutes of talk that come with the plan are plenty for us. I know there are going to be times when I miss Verizon's coverage, but paying twice as much per month simply was not a good option for us (and would still be less data than the T-Mobile plan). So far I've found the T-Mobile data to be very fast, although we've had a couple times when texts were delayed or lost... but we think that was weather related.

Of course, having the same phone has been a bit confusing, but I just got a cool case for mine. It's not a super heavy-duty rubber one, but then it's not a fragile Apple phone that needs the protecting. It's a $7.50 soft plastic case I got from Amazon. It's cheap, but it's what I need right now and it's very pretty. The soft plastic had me concerned at first, but then my sister pointed out that it would better absorb any impacts, so that works in it's favor after all.

So we'll see how I feel after I've had the phone and the plan a year, but overall I'm pretty optimistic about the cellular situation. (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to access the internet anywhere.)

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