Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Small things I'm thankful for

In a world full of disasterous happenings, it's worthwhile taking a few minutes to look at the small but wonderful parts of life.

Things I'm thankful for from today:

Walking out in the sunshine with the children and seeing the ducks on the lake.

Getting dandelions from the neighbor girls.

Getting to read the proofs for artist Ben Hatke's new comic book. It's totally awesome and I will be posting a review of it when it's available to order.

Writing by the quiet waters of the pond.

Making ice tea, corn cakes, pork, green beans and fried potatoes for supper. Oh, and eating them too!

Working on the girls Easter dresses after supper with the children gathered around.

Reading "Mother Goose" to the little ones.

1 comment:

Treasures By Brenda said...

Great list; I think I'll make a similar one which of course will be considerably different than yours!