Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Doctor and Donna make Much Ado About Nothing

If you can't make it to Europe yourself, the next best thing is to send your little sister.

My sister, the brave adventurous missionary girl, was walking down the street in London when she saw this sign. Immediately she stopped and stared so hard that her group asked her what was the matter.

Now SHE claims that she only reacted so hard because she knew what a big deal this production was for me (two of my favorite actors in my favorite Shakespeare play!!!!). I, however, insist that she would have reacted to seeing the Doctor and Donna in a Shakespeare play regardless of me.

Anyhow, she took this picture for me and I majorly geeked out over it. Now just to track down my own TARDIS so that I can go back in time and move through space and see the actual production...

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