Friday, June 22, 2012

The Grad Parties of the Midwest

In the Midwest of the US of A, we typically celebrate a high school graduation by opening up our houses, making a lot of food, and invite everyone who has been a part of our graduate's life. The grad gets a bunch of cards, money, and some gifts, and sometimes we have a fun party in the mix.

However, as we've talked to our friends and family who live in other parts of the country, they explained that grad parties are not common tradition in their area. Apparently it's just a midwest thing.

Is this true? If you're from another part of the country (or world), how does your community mark the graduation from high school?


R.E.G. said...

I just graduated high school (YAY!) and I live in the northeast and it's pretty much the same as what you described. There are huge grad parties with lots and lots of food! I would say that almost everyone has some sort of grad party here.
Mine wasn't that big but I got lots of money from relatives which will come in quite handy in college :)

Anastasia said...

Well, you only graduate from high-school once, I think a party is a necessity! :) But what about Amish people, here in US and otherwise, who believe in education up to the eight-grade?

Shaylynn said...

We do grad parties! Just as you described.