Sunday, December 9, 2012

Restoring Faith in Weddings

Went to a wedding last night and boy am I exhausted!

I've been sick this week (reaction to paint fumes which knocked out my immune system and allowed a nasty virus in) but thanks to vitamins and prayers, I was able to not only make it to the wedding, but dance at it! I even felt well enough on Friday to finish sewing my dress for the occasion! (Pictures and diary coming soon on Confessions of a Seamstress!)

While most of my paternal cousins married several years ago, this was the first wedding among my maternal cousins. Which was a bit odd, since I'm the eldest cousin, but the groom is the next down and he and his bride are such sweet, lovely people that it was truly a joy to see them united. They've dated for several years, so we've been able to get to know her well over many Christmases and family gatherings.

The ceremony was traditional Missouri Synod Lutheran. Everything moved smoothly and the minister's words to the couple were wise, humorous and of the perfect length. I was surprised by the opportunity to sit in the front row with my aunt and uncle (parents-of-the-groom), a rare privilege of being deaf, so I had an excellent view of everything.

We then transferred to the reception locale, which was a newly opened and absolutely lovely winery. The reception hall was huge (but not in the least ostentatious!), with perfect decor and lighting (always difficult to find the right balance!). The food was unusually good, and my gluten-intolerance has improved just enough that I was able to enjoy one of the gourmet cupcakes.

Seriously, cupcakes! They're a growing fashion among bridal couples and I think they're fantastic. They're the right size to be a smaller serving for children and sugar-conscious, but two of them makes a perfect larger serving for those with larger and stronger stomachs! Plus you can easily make them in various flavors, so everyone can have their favorite. Literally the only option I didn't see was an allergy-conscious version (and I suspect more and more weddings will offer this as gluten, dairy, nut and sugar allergies rise in public awareness).

Oh, and did I mention the live band? Always a fun treat at a wedding! And thanks to the venue's capabilities, there were also plenty of disco lights to delight the numerous, adorable children. A bit loud, but worth enduring for the chance to go out on the dance floor with my family! (Even Grandpa!)

It's been a year in which I've seen much of the dark side of weddings, enough to make me grow to dislike them in general. But last night was a really lovely event that went a significant way towards healing that wound.

So I'm thankful for it, but even more thankful for my cousin and his wife, that God brought them together and is giving them a future together.

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