Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

Here I am, finishing out 2012 with the flu. It's ironic, really, since overall my health has improved drastically this year, but there it is. Still, I was #4 in my family to get it, which is quite an improvement from being #1.

2012 has been a good year though. In addition to the health stuff, I made major leaps in my careers as a freelance costumer and writer. I'll be uploading a post of all my costumes from this year soon on Confessions of a Seamstress - watch for it! And of course, on the writing front there is my installment of Chesterton Press's "The Ruah Chronicles".

Speaking of Confessions of a Seamstress, although I only started it 18 months ago, it proved enormously popular, with my posts on Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time costumes scoring more than 20,000 hits each. My mind still can't comprehend this!

In addition to the novel work, I also took the time to explore different writing styles, coming out with two Doctor Who short stories that I'm quite proud of. "The Contemplations of Martha Jones" directly follows the season four finale "Journey's End" and "The Legacy of River Song" is from the viewpoint of one of Prof. Song's students. Both are short, thematic pieces rather than long plot-driven stories.

I also got to travel quite a bit, spending six weeks away from home in Florida, Illinois, Maryland and Virginia. It was awesome to see so much of the country, but even better to spend time with so many wonderful people.

On the home front, I did a lot of work setting up the lower level of our house as my new living/work space. I came back home because of health reasons, for which I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my parents for making possible. I hope they find it a debt well worth holding! I'm certainly incredibly grateful, both to them and to God for watching over me here.

Overall 2012 was a good year (though not without it's challenges) and I'm looking forwards to seeing what 2013 holds!

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