Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Migraines, Delays and Legos

So there was not OUAT review this week because I was suffering a migraine and barely made it through the episode itself. In fact, if it weren't the big "Bae Reveal" week I wouldn't have pushed myself even that much. (Loved the episode, though! I may need to rewatch it soon here!)

Which could be a contributing factor to why this migraine lasted a week, although there were a lot of things making it a difficult recovery. Then I traveled home, adjusted to being back after a two week absence, and had an awesome Oscar/birthday party. (Oh yes, I turned 24!)

I'll try to get some good posts written up later this week (after I reply to my seriously flooded inboxes!) but for now, enjoy this picture of the awesome custom Gambit/Rogue Legos my boyfriend got me for my birthday. :)

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