Monday, May 6, 2013

OUAT 2.21 - "Second Star to the Right"

How do we talk about this week's OUAT? Without sounding like excessive fangirls, that is.

Spoilers below.

Well, we finally saw - oh no, wait we didn't. Actually see Neverland. Oh well, next episode! And next season as well, as showrunners have confirmed that we will not see an important Neverland character until season 3. Whether this is Peter Pan or Tinkerbell remains to be seen. If the "Shadow" is Peter, than Tink is the remaining one, on the other hand, Bae could become "Peter", defeat the Shadow and make Neverland a happy place... except for those pesky pirates. That's my sister's theory, anyhow. Right now it looks like Bae is set to become Captain Hook's new cabin boy. That doesn't preclude a future as the leader of Neverland's lost children, but it clouds the wI aters...

Of course, "Once Upon a Time" is a consistantly shaken snowglobe, so who's complaining?

I enjoyed how Bae's connection to Neverland was explained. I liked that he was adopted by the Darling children, and I do hope we'll see the again at some point. Of course, a fan theory out right now is that the Darlings will found the anti-magic society that Tamara and Greg are working for.

Which, speaking of those two, I honestly can't blame them for their goals, even if I do disapprove of their methods. And, y'know, shipping Neal off to... (presumable Neverland) probably (but not really) death. I mean, magic hasn't done much good to our world, indeed it's done quite a bit of harm. Getting it back to its proper place isn't blameworthy... but there's a blackness at the heart of this organization that makes them quite frightening.

Anyhow. I loved the character moments we got in this episode. Charming and his girls... Neal and Emma... beautiful stuff.

Rumple/Lacey continues to freak me out though. I don't like the hint of BDSM in their relationship. It's creepy how bad Belle is in her bad girl form... not someone I'd want to hang around or trust. It's disheartening that Rumple is attracted to her in this form. I know what he's thinking, of course. "Finally, someone who 'gets' me and 'supports' me without having an ulterior motive!" Only now she does, as she seems on the track of making him her sugar daddy ride to immortality and riches.

I really, really hope that this time Regina will actually forgive Snow and reform. Seriously. This needs to happen. Not that she isn't a delectable villain, but if there isn't any lasting character progression and they keep rehashing the same territory, she's going to get boring. And for an actress of her talents that would be tragic.

Anyhow, who wants to bet that next week's episode and season finale is going to land our party in Neverland?

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