Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Printer at LAST!

Installed my new printer today - finally. It's been sitting in a box in my room for over a month, waiting for me to have a moment to give it some proper attention. Unfortunately between my sister's graduation and out of town visitors and CONvergence, that has really gotten delayed.

Today I finally had a bit of a break from work and was able to sit down and pull it out. It took under an hour to set up, which was longer than I was expecting (but not longer than I feared). Everything went smoothly though and I'm happy with how it is printing. I went with a Brother printer as it can take much cheaper ink than other brands. And let me tell you, deciding on this brand and model was an exhausting task of reading far too many Amazon reviews. But I think it's a good choice, and it was just around $100 so huzzah!

(And when I say cheap ink, I mean I can get them for less than $2 a cartridge if I order in bulk.)

The other bonus is that it's smaller than I was expecting. The reviews complained of it being bulky, but it is smaller than the printer my dad has in his office which really is a huge old thing.

Anyhow, I can now properly print out invoices and reference photos and driving directions without having to monkey with the fussy printer upstairs. Very excited.

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