Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Agents of SHIELD - 1.3

Well, it got better.

Actually, it got a lot better. Most of my concerns from last were answered. Though the show still has some work to do, it drastically improved on all counts - character, plot, dialogue, humor, and Marvel-tie in.

Spoilers to follow.

I found Skye intriguing this time around. I actually liked Ward. Fitz and Simmons made me laugh. The opening sequence was pretty epic. The moral question was - well, a moral question that we can all consider even in a non-superhuman world. And Dr. Franklin Hall had the type of origin story I like best - conscientious person tries to do something great that turns disastrous... and although I had to learn this later on tumblr, Graviton is a comic canon villain, so we are finally getting some more solid tie-ins with the familiar Marvel Universe.

And Malta. I love Malta! They went to Malta!

"It used to be muscle memory." I'm pretty sure Coulson is a robot now. I liked that theory back when the fans were throwing it around as a way Coulson could be saved, and I love it now that the show seems to be backing up. Of course it could be a big switcheroo, but either way it should be interesting.

And who is Skye really working for? This episode had solid evidence for both sides...


Victoria Rose said...

Robots don't bleed though...and he keeps saying that that place he went to (can't remember the name right now) is "magical." He keeps using that word.

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Typical robots don't breath or eat either. However it could be synthetic blood to maintain the illusion for Coulson himself.

The "magical" connection points to Asgard, which I don't like as much.

Andy Hauge said...

No, I think that the LMD hypothesis is A) way too much effort for payout and B) too out of left field for non-Marvel watchers. I think Joss might be using it as a decoy, and has something else nefarious up his sleeve.

I mean, this is the guy behind Dollhouse after all.