Monday, June 23, 2014

So You Want Gluten Free Potstickers...

This is a blog about stories. It's not a cooking blog. But living Gluten Free is such an important part of so many stories these days, that I hope you'll forgive me if - very occasionally - I share an awesome Gluten Free recipe I've found and/or adapted.

One of the things I've missed the most since going Gluten Free that I've been unable to find any substitute for, are Asian dumplings: potstickers, wontons, etc. Finally, after succeeding with corn dogs and getting into making spring rolls, I decided to search for a potsticker dough recipe that was Gluten Free.

Look what I found!

I ordered the rice flour off of Amazon (already had the others) and on Friday night I whipped up a batch for Nathan and myself, using this recipe for the filling and sauce and frying them in coconut oil.

They were pretty good, but we found the lack of salt problematic for our western tastebuds. So on Sunday I made another batch, this time adding a bit of salt, reducing the water and adding an egg, and frying them in butter instead of coconut oil. Personally, we much preferred this.

I also tried a different filling this time, as I desperately missed cream cheese wontons. I found this filling recipe and used it, just substituting onion powder for actual onions and adding some garlic powder as well.

They were SO good. Even my non-GF husband loved them. I'd cook them a bit longer next time to get them more crispy, but that's just me being nitpicky. Overall I was thrilled at how they turned out. As you can see, the dough is thicker than what you'll get with regular dumplings, just a hazard of not being able to use gluten.  Taste and texture are excellent, even if they are a bit different, so if you're craving these Asian appetizers, I recommend trying this out!

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