Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Strange Case" OUAT 6.4

My apologies for getting these notes out a day late. But better late than never, right?

Speaking of which... it may not be too much longer before I switch to consistently posting my reviews on Tuesdays. You see, my husband has finally agreed to watch "Once Upon a Time" and when he finally catches up to me, he has asked to watch them together. After trying to get him into the show for almost four years, how can I say no? Problem is, we don't have TV, so we can't watch the episodes until Monday night. I could get a blog review up in the evening... but I wouldn't count on it.

But he's still in Season One, so we've got a bit of time.

Anyhow! Spoilers coming up for this week's episode "Strange Case", so click away now! Otherwise, scroll on...


Daddy Charming is Best Charming. Watching him make pancakes for Emma and carry Baby Neal...man, it's such a long way from Cursed Charming of Season One. (I keep promising my husband that Charming gets better, because right now Nathan can't stand him!)

Now Gold... just. Wow. He cut his hair AND he locked Belle up. This is not a good week for him at all. Belle, on the other hand, rocks. I loved how quickly she caught on to Jekyll and called to Killian for help.

I hope we get a better storyline for Killian soon, but it is awfully cute seeing him do things like watch over Belle and offer pregnant ladies rum. (Is it just me, or are they heavily foreshadowing papahood for Killian? Either via Emma getting pregnant, or a long lost kid coming up?) I did really appreciate the lovely symmetry of this week's resolution in that Hook finally saved the Dark One's wife. I don't know if they meant to give him a sort of resolution for his inability to save Milah, but that's certainly how it came across here.

It was great to see Snow teaching again, although I thought the way that particular plotline was resolved was a little weird. Sure, her bow shooting was a very "Snow White of OUAT" way to teach, but the problem with teaching the way she'd taught before was NOT because she wasn't channeling her fairy tale identity, it was because High Schoolers need different tactics than middle-schoolers. Same end result, but would have been more applicable and accurate overall.

And yes, Jasmine looks awesome.

Now Mary's characterization, on the other hand, I was pretty annoyed with. For a lot of reasons. No young women of her class in England of that time would have been allowed to walk in the park at night alone (and it WAS England, although how Rumple got there, I'm not sure). There wasn't anything about her that I found likable...which isn't exactly a problem...it just left nothing likable onscreen during the flashbacks at all!

Well, except Hyde. Sorta. Because in true OUAT fashion, Jekyll turned out to be the real bad guy. It's actually a twist I liked, I'm just surprised I didn't see it coming! But, you know, Hades really WAS bad, so...

(Remember back in season one, when there was the werewolf twist that was just mind-blowing? Got to watch my husband's brain explode at that last night, and he is usually pretty good at guessing stuff! so fun.)

Of course, the real twist now is that, par the course for OUAT, we have a new focus for the season. How will Regina defeat the Evil Queen? Will Regina go evil...will she die...or will she 'reabsorb' the Evil Queen and 'defeat' her by resisting temptation the way ordinary humans do?

LOL. We'll see. But what would REALLY be a great twist would be for Emma to go "oh, hey, I had a vision of maybe you killing me when I try to kill you!" and then have Regina go "oh THAT'S a stupid plan. How about I ask Gold to kill me instead if it gets to that point? Or give your mom some kryptonite to use against me... or Hook... or Zelena... you know... anyone but you with your vision..."

I also want to see babies Neal and Robin and Alexandra and baby Rumbelle come back from the future because that little glimpse of grown baby Rumbelle was AWESOME.

ALSO on a final fairy tale note... I am adding fairy tale-themed dishtowels to my Etsy shop this week! There are some up now, with more coming over the next few days, so check it out if you want to add some magic to your kitchen!

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