Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Powerless" premieres strong

In a world nearing oversaturation of superhero media, "Powerless" stood apart from it's first announcement. A show focusing on the collateral damage of super battles? Getting to see what happens to all the poor people with smashed windows, totaled cars and major chiropractor bills? It's a scenario long overdue--but one that would not have been able to succeed on a major network until we'd reached this point of superhero cultural awareness.

However, although greeted with interest initially (Especially with some awesome casting news), rumors and press releases about the retooling of the show caused some concern amongst the geek community. Were all the changes really for the better? Had NBC taken a golden premise and flushed it down the drain?

I wasn't able to watch the premiere episode when it aired on Thursday, but this morning my husband and I sat down and watched it through--and I couldn't stop laughing. This isn't just nerd comedy--I think anyone with a passing knowledge of superhero basics and a love of laugher should give this show a shot. While first episodes can be shaky, the "Powerless" premiere was solid, indeed I'd give it nine out of ten stars as a start to a series. If next week's episode can match this one, we are in for an awesome new treat.

That Alan Tudyk would be awesome was a no brainer, and of course "Community" fans will likely tune in for Danny Pudi. However I certainly was impressed with Vanessa Hudgen's comedy chops. She's playing the earnest straightman for the beginning, but to do that well takes talent, and she rises to the challenges beautifully. I'm not familiar with the supporting cast, but they seem like they'll fill out the talent nicely.

Is it family friendly? Difficult to gauge after just one episode. However there was just one off-color gag that I caught. In modern comedy terms, I think this show will land on the cleaner side, but of course families should probably preview a couple episodes before deciding whether it is appropriate for the younger ones.

And while I believe they are keeping the main superpowered elements of the show very generic, there are a few Easter eggs for comic book fans. It's worth going into the first episode with a reminder that no one knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Only downside? It's a half hour comedy, and thus far too short. Can't wait to see what they bring to the table next week!

"Powerless" airs on Thursdays at 8:30 EST on NBC, available on Hulu for day-after viewing.

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