Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"The Mermaid and the Unicorn" GIVEAWAY

The Giveaway is CLOSED and I am in the process of contacting the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered! 

One year ago today I published my first book, and to celebrate I'm giving some themed items away to YOU! 

 The details:

  • The giveaway is open to anyone in the continental US
  • There will be two winners, 1st place gets to pick three prizes, 2nd place gets the remaining two
  • To enter, leave a comment with a valid e-mail address below so I can contact you if you win. (if you like, you can leave two comments, one with your comment and a second one with the address which I will not publish)* OR you can comment on the giveaway link post on my personal Facebook page here.
  • This is a random drawing, although I'd love to hear what you enjoyed about the book, it won't affect your chances of winning. 
  • Giveaway runs until midnight on Tuesday, August 22nd

*I will NOT add your address to my mailing list, although of course I would love to have you join. You can sign up here if you are interested in receiving book news (and other contest alerts!) four times a year. 

The prizes are:

  • A signed, personalized paperback of "The Mermaid and the Unicorn"
  • Two themed embroidered tea towels (one premium quality, one saver quality)
  • A Parisian Mermaid charm necklace 
  • A stitch-on Unicorn embroidered patch, approximately 4 inches high.

(All items were made by yours truly, except the book which I only wrote). 

Haven't read the book yet? Buy it on Amazon here!


Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth! I've been following your blog for a while now after finding it via the blog you wrote when you did your "Shadow of the Bear" film project. I love Regina's books, so was very excited to read yours when it came out. Needless to say I loved it, and am anxiously awaiting the next one!

Sarah Schutte said...

Hello Elizabeth! I read your book over spring break this year, and found it fascinating! I've been following your blog for quite some time, and I always look forward to your posts. I started watching Once Upon A Time because of you, and have taken some of your book recommendations! Thanks so much for all you do, and best of luck with everything!
God bless!

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Rebekah - thank you so much for your kind message! I'm thrilled to hear that you are a Regina fan! A huge reason why I wrote "The Mermaid and the Unicorn" the way I did was because I knew there were a lot of fans longing for more books like Regina's, and I purposefully tried to write a book that would help fill that gap. Regina's books meant so much to me, and to entertain the same audience is such an honor! Thanks for entering the drawing!

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Sarah, thank you so much for your encouraging words! I'm delighted that you enjoyed my book -- and my blog posts! That's so cool that you started Once Upon a Time! I'm so excited and nervous about the newest season...are you caught up? Thanks for entering the drawing!

Sarah Schutte said...

Hi Elizabeth! Sadly, I'm not caught up yet, but hopefully I'll make more headway soon. I'm in the middle of Season Three currently:) Also, I love when you do costume posts. Your attention to detail always gives me so much to think about!

Unknown said...

I rather enjoyed your book, and I greatly enjoy reading your blog, particularly your sewing blog, as I myself do a fair bit of sewing.

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter! I've been following your blog and finding your descriptions of the book very interesting!


A said...

I am so excited to enter this giveaway as I have heard rave reviews of your book from a reading group that I am a part of! Good, Christian fiction is hard to come by and there are a group of well read women who highly recommend you. :)

Laura @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Definitely would like to enter! I just had someone recommend your book!

Megmckham said...

I would love to win because I just heard of your book but have not yet had the opportunity to read!

Imperviouschild said...

Aloha Elizabeth!
Give always are exciting! Thank you for all the time you give in sharing your writing and sewing adventures and advice. I found you on Instagram when I was looking for seamstresses to follow, there are not many and I don't know of anyone around me who sews so I took to Instagram. Next thing I know, I discovered you also write and so do I. You inspire me keep at the craft of writing and that I am not alone in sewing. Mahalo..

Anna Zahler said...

Hi Elizabeth! I still haven't been able to sit down with your book (due to a new baby and an unfinished undergrad degree), but I am really looking forward to it and your future writings as well!