Friday, July 4, 2008

Introduction to "Beauty and the Beast"

This Broadway Musical has just soared to hover near the top of my list of "favorite" musicals. As I've said elsewhere, I am currently costuming a local production of this, an opportunity I am thankful for because it has given me a chance to fall in love with the "new" songs.

And of course, now I'm going to share them with you. (How is it that youtube can possibly escape lawsuits for all the copied songs you can find on there? I don't understand it, but it certainly makes my job easier here...)

No Matter What Belle wonders if she is unusual- her father reassures her

Me Gaston comes to propose to Belle...this man's self-opinion knows no bounds...

Home Belle, though a willing prisoner, mourns for the home she left behind.

How long must this go on? The Beast wonders how much longer he must be forced to suffer under the spell.

If I can't love Her After Belle runs away, the Beast looses hope (probably my favorite new song- if you only listen to one of these, this is the one!)

Human Again A hilarious song sung by Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Babette and the Wardrobe, talking of all the things they hope to do when they are human again, filled with hope as the Beast and Belle seem to be falling in love

Maison de Lunes Gaston, Lefou and the Asylum Keeper plot against Belle and her father (I thought it would be creepy, but it's actually hilarious)

If I can't love her (Reprise) The Beast, having given Belle up, looses his last hope- even more than before.

Transformation, end duet Belle does a reprise of Home- realizing that her home is with the Beast. The Beast transforms...sings to Belle...and then everyone greets each other and lives happily ever after.

Note- there are mutiple versions of all of these songs, but I chose to post the ones compiled by FusionAngelFuAn, since they are pictures rather than mediocre high-school performances.

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