Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yet another version of Robin Hood?

That takes even greater liberties with the legand...

Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller are playing the Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marian in the film "Nottingham" which will include a love triangle between those two and Robin Hood.

It's an interesting twist, although the idea of Marian taking a second look at anyone but Robin is hugely annoying to me.

Still, while I'd like to see a version that harks back to the good old adventure days of Errol Flynn and the like, it's not as though there's a "book" to be purist about. Robin Hood is a legand, with each generation adding something to the cannon. It just gets annoying when things sneak in that totally twist the original premise.

So, if it's not rated R, I may end up seeing this one. It's worth keeing my eye on, anyhow.


Holly said...

Arrgh...why must Hollywooders always think they know better? Curse their meddling.

Elenatintil said...

Mmmm...well don't forget, it WAS Hollywood that gave us Errol Flynn in the first place.

Plus, I was thinking, and I remembered that in one of my own stories I cast a more sympathetic Sheriff of Nottingham. I still kept Marian faithful to Robin, though. That's the part that really bugs me.

Grace K. said...

Sienna Miller and Russell Crowe? *scribbles down reminder*

Thanks, Elena! ;)