Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Honor...

I write this post in honor of my Great-Grandmother, Lillian, who passed away two nights ago. She is now safe in the arms of her Lord and Savior and I rejoice to know that she is in a place where her mind and body are once more whole and strong. I can only imagine how wonderful it is, and how happy she must be.

As for me, I suppose I can honestly say that the news hasn't fully sunk in yet. I expect everything to get harder later this week when we go out for the wake and funeral.

Great-Grandma was a wonderful, Godly woman who shared 75 years of marriage with her husband Floyd. Together they started a family, a successful business, and a ministry of music that she participated in even when failing health brought her to the very nursing home to which they had ministered.

They raised six wonderful children up to know the Lord, provide for their families, and become wonderful grandparents to all of their grandchildren - of which I am one.

I feel so blessed to share in this legacy and I thank God for letting me be descended from this beautiful woman.