Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thrift Store Rescue

I found a cute three tiered white skirt at Goodwill the other week. Unfortunately, it was a little too short to be modest. However I had also picked up an adorable white remnant at JoAnn Fabrics, and thought "What if I just added another tier..."
So, voila!
I just snipped the bottom two tiers away from the top one, measured out how big the new level would need to be and stiched it all together!

I also like that it's not as poofy as it was before... the wind can blow but this skirt will be hard pressed to go blowing in the wrong direction! (At least compared to the danger it was in before)

Here is a close up on the added fabric...

Isn't it beautiful? I'm delighted I found a use for it!


Jessica said...

It's so pretty! I wish I could sew. :)

Lanta said...

Loooovely! I'd steal it, but I'm terrified to wear white skirts :P So I admire your courage greatly in buying/making one!

Nonexistant anymore said...

Very pretty! *echoes Jessica's wish*