Friday, July 8, 2011

It's kind of like a treasure hunt

My facebook status currently reads "Anyone who says shopping isn't exercise clearly hasn't been to Ikea."

Also, anyone who has never had their own apartment/house WITH KITCHEN does not have any idea of how many things you have to buy to get started. It is seriously insane. But also fun. ;)

So far my mother and/or I have visited Marshalls, Target (three times!), Goodwill, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea and many garage sales seeking the best deals on necessary items. Not to mention everything my grandmother and mother handed down to me. And for all that I still need measuring cups... we had a lot of debate over what kind to get and which would be cheapest and... the price ranges greatly. (Don't get them at Target. Seriously.)

I got some fun things too. A new bedspread in an awesome delicate floral print. A pretty round globe table lamp. And a plant. I really am in love with my little plant. It's called a dragon tree so I'm naming it 'Lockheed" after Kitty Pryde's dragon companion in the X-Men comics.

Naming plants was not my idea, btw. My sister started it.

And yes, I promise there will be plenty of pictures after I get everything set up! Look for them in the beginning of August.


Morgan said...

At least you had fun! And the trip was successful. Those are always the best kinds of shopping trips.

I spent most of this past weekend driving around looking for an X-men poster (from the new movie). I went to a comic book store, a movie store, wall-mart, hot topic, and spencer's gifts- none of them had any (they had Thor and Green Lantern, but not X-men). I guess I'll have to order it online *sigh* (they're more expensive that way). But yes, it was extremely tiring, so I know what you mean!

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Yeah, they haven't done hardly any merchandising for this X-Men film! I guess after the last two flops they wanted to make sure it was going to sail before putting a ton out. Or maybe they just thought that no one would want a poster without Wolverine on it. (If so, they're idiots. have they SEEN how gorgeous McAvoy and Fassbender are?)

Elarinya said...

The shopping sounds so fun!!

Measuring cups: I highly recommend William/Sonoma stainless steel measuring cups/spoons. They have the normal sizes, and odd sizes (2/3 cup, 3/4th cup, 1.5 cup, 2 cup, 2 tbsp, etc.) They last FOREVER and work so well it is hard to believe. They have the even set and the odd set, and are very reasonably priced for the quality. If you got some as durable and nice as that, you'd be using them for years and years. We can no longer live without ours. ;)

Your bedspread sounds so pretty!!!