Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who knew that DWARVES could be so attractive?

It was said awhile ago that they were going to be making the 'Hobbit' dwarves quite a bit more physically attractive than Gimli. However the first two released pictures, while artistically very cool and well designed, were not what you'd call 'good looking'.

Then, yesterday, we got to see what the two youngest members of the party, Fili and Kili, are going to be looking like.

This has my stamp of approval! Fili looks like a great prankster, and Kili looks like he's about to give Aragorn a run for his money.

Now, what will Thorin Oakenshield look like? And how long will we have to wait to see his picture?


RED~Scribe said...

Okay. NOT what I was expecting the Dwarves to look like. :) Me like.

Victoria said...

Wow. Good-looking dwarves. Hm. I think I like that! I so can't wait for the film to come out! *squee*

Did anybody else think the part about Gloin's wife's fine beard was a little...disturbing? :p

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Not really. I mean they set up in LOTR that dwarf women have beards. And some real life women (expecially with the hormones of pregnancy) can grow beards, so it's not totally out there.

The Authoress said...

When I read the book, I pictured Fili and Kili looking the age of a human 20 year old, having blonde hair, and being clean-shaven... a little younger than in this picture. But I guess it'll just take some (sorrowful) getting used to.:)