Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Letter to December

Hello December.

Been awhile since we last hung out. 11 months, to be exact. That's kind of a long time for friends to be apart, isn't it?

We have an interesting sort of friendship though. You always like to bring stress in my life. At the very least there is all the hustle and bustle about making food for the holidays and finding the perfect gift for everyone (Okay, I do like gift shopping, although it helps when I'm not sick and unable to make money!).

But what I like least of all is the commercialism you bring with you. I know it's not your fault, but it's still true. America has turned Christmas into a big marketing scheme and it drives me nuts. I mean, this year Christmas decorations and songs started showing up with your little sister, November. She seemed excited to get in on the fun, and I swear, October was looking jealous.

Yeah, that's right, your little siblings want in on the Christmas fun too. Please tell them no? One month of religious sacredness turned commercial is more than enough for a year (Yeah, March and April are in trouble too with their Easter shennigans, but that's another letter).

No, don't run away now. We're still friends, December. I just have to be honest about these problem's we've been having. Now comes the good part.

I love your music. Christmas carols are some of my favorite songs ever. And since we only sing them when you're around, I'll always love you for that alone.

First snow. Okay, November says she gets this one, but honestly? Her snow never says. You, my dear December, always get the honor of the first snow that stays.

Christmas trees. Remember when you and Prince Albert got that tradition set up back in the 1800's? It's one of my favorite. The smell of pine... the twinkling lights... the ornaments with years of memories...

But most important of all? You're leading up to the most important birthday celebration of the year. The one all the other months are jealous of. The one that so much of the world celebrates even if they don't really know the birthday boy himself.

So... December... I guess we'll keep on going with this friendship, since the pros outweigh the cons by far (though we still can't ignore them).



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