Monday, December 19, 2011

What temperature do you write best in?

It's a weird question, but we all have different body types and different situations under which we can write best. I have a hard time writing or focusing on anything when I'm cold. I reallyreallyreally hate being cold.

Being hot can be problematic too, but I don't think it's such an impediment to my writing.

Or maybe I'm just all focused on the cold because it's December and it's the midwest and it's freeeezing in my bedroom.

Anyhow. I think temperature is relevant to the creative process. What do you think?


Victoria said...

I never thought about that before. Actually, now that I AM thinking about it, it seems that my preferred temperature depends on what I'm writing. If I'm writing something sad, or horror (which I don't do often), coldness enhances the mood. If I'm writing something funny or romantic, it's better to be warm. :)

- Victoria

Morgan said...

Humm... Yeah, I've never thought much about it before either. I think I write best when it's cold outside, but I'm inside where it's warm (if it's cold inside, I can't concentrate, and if it's warm outside... I can't concentrate but for different reasons :P).

Anonymous said...

I have to say cold. It is just comfortable stying to stay warm while scribling in a note book or typing on the computer.