Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reflections on a Bowl of Oatmeal (or "Help! I'm turning into a Grown-up!")

When I was a kid I thought oatmeal was disgusting. Thick and gooey and bland and usually cold by the time I reached the kitchen. Give me a bagel any day!

Then I grew up and one day I went out to breakfast with my grandparents and noticed how really spectacular my grandpa's oatmeal looked. I asked for a bite and... a new obsession was born.

Turns out the secret is cream, just the right balance of brown sugar and cinnamon, and making it really, REALLY hot and continuing to add liquid as the oats soak it up. Once you hit the right scientific formula... heaven!

Oh come on, don't look at me like that! Breakfast is important! And oatmeal is cheap and gluten-free and really easy on the stomach (if you happen to have my stomach which is one of the pickiest ever invented).

So yes, I love properly made oatmeal now. The scary thing is that I'm sort of craving buttered kale right now... help! I'm turning into a grown-up!


Unknown said...

Oh the horrors of growing up....my favorite veggie is now sauteed Brussel sprouts! The kid in me STILL shudders at that one! =P

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

HORRORS! No, that actually rocks, I just will never be able to eat them myself.

Actually I do have a good reason for why I detest brussel sprouts, but I won't share that one because I'd hate to ruin your favorite veggie for you!

Allison said...

Have you ever tried muesli? You just soak oats, milk (rice milk works too), cinnamon, a little vanilla, and nutmeg in the frig overnight. mmmm. :D (The Swiss often serve it with grated apples, chopped nuts, raisins, and other fruit).

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

No I haven't tried muesli, but it sounds like the end result is really close to how I make my oatmeal. I should try it the Swiss way so that I can say I've actually had it! Thanks for the tip!

Una Mariah said...

Can anyone give me the link for the shadow of the bear you-tube channel?