Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is the most awesome thing you ever got at a Thrift Store?

I love Thrift Stores.

Okay, let's forget that they smell. Let's forget that the electronics are worthless, half the clothes really worn and a quarter of them truly terrifying, and the fact that the shoes either don't fit or don't match.

Really, let's forget all of that.

Because where else can you find a truly fantastic skirt for $3 that anywhere else would cost you ten times that much (at least)?

Where else can you find DVDs for $2?

Where else can you find books for $.15?

Or Teacups for $.99?

Well, okay, garage sales and clearance and discount stores... maybe...

But really. Thrift stores can be great fun. And much cheaper than going shopping at Target or the Mall.

Plus, you know, they have everything. And it's all interesting. And you can laugh at the really hideous stuff and maybe wear strong lotion so you don't notice the smell.

Oh and always, ALWAYS bring a friend. Because everything is an adventure when someone you love shares it with you.

So. What was the most awesome (or 5 most awesome) thing(s) you ever got at a Thrift Store?


Kristin Martin said...

A few months ago, my mom got this gorgeous, figure flattering, ankle length black dress with a sequined bodice at a Goodwill for $2.50. We both decided that it was probably an old choir dress, so my mom cut it off at knee length and I wore it for homecoming. The funniest part was that Goodwill always runs this commercial about having the perfect little black dress. My grandpa, who is usually very serious, made the connection and got a huge kick out of it.

I also got another floor length dress at Goodwill for $5, altered it similarly, and wore it to a different homecoming. It wasn't as cute though.

Finally, I got my prom dress for $10 at Deb because somebody had worn it, stained it, and returned it. I got it dry cleaned for $15 and saved a boatload of money over my classmates. Not exactly a thrift store find, but definitely a thrifty steal.

Scarlet said...

My Winter Ball dress, which I got for $8 at Salvation Army. It was a navy-blue floor length dress. It had a stain on the shoulder, but I wore a shrug so no one could tell.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, I got a beautiful set of china, full service for 8 with all the extra platters and serving bowls, for $40. Still use it, still love it - and we didn't need to ask for china as a gift when we got married. Score!

Hannah Liz said...

HAHA! Awesome, buys right? :D

Yeah, thrift stores are awesome...and here they don't stink. ;)

I've gotten a literally PERFECT Prom dress that I looked up lonine later on and found it to be worth well over $100.
I also, what have I NOT found is the question?

What I really want to do is have a party where everyone goes to the thrift store and picks out THE. MOST. hideious stuff. Then, everyone must buy it(yes you read that right: buy it.) and wear it to the crazy party!! Then, have a prize for the most hideous find. Believe me. You will get A LOT of laughs. XD

ElsieZyel said...

One of the thrift stores we go to has an outlet section attached (yeah, I know!). I have found some wonderful things there, the two best being a nearly new pair of penny-loafer heels that I wear all the time, and a gorgeous prom dress that retailed for around $155. Each item was only $1 !!!! Best thrift store ever.

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

I am just loving reading about all of your awesome deals! Wish I could see pictures - the dresses especially sound gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I found a wonderfully sturdy bookshelf that was in pretty good shape--and allowed me to double the amount of books contained in my room.
I've also found great movies for only .50 cents and numerous wonderful books (classics, favorite authors, and others). Some of them are incredibly beautiful and quite honestly, for .50, even if the story wasn't all that great I'd love to have the beauty of that book on my bookshelf.
Anything and everything can be found in thrift stores. I've found clothing, my mom found bedroom furniture......the list goes on forever.