Sunday, April 29, 2012

Once Upon a Time - The Stranger


Do NOT read this post until you watch the latest episode of OuaT!!!


I'm serious. Don't. Go away now.

Why are you still here? 

Okay...moving on...

Welp. We finally got to see Emma as a baby again. And wow, is she the most adorable baby ever or what? Her eyes and the little air kisses she blows... How on earth did she grow up into such a dense adult? 

Don't get me wrong. I've always liked Emma. But. Oy. She is seriously getting on my nerves with her refusal to believe. I mean I see how her history and everything plays into this but... it's taking way too long. AND then we got that awful ending where she KIDNAPPED HENRY.

No. Uh uh. Seriously, this is a messed up family. David cheats on his wife. Mary Margaret flees prison. Emma kidnaps a kid. Her kid, but still one to whom she has no legal right and kidnapping is sure not going to look well on a court record and how, Emma, just how do you think you're going to get away with this???

On the other hand, it was utterly brilliant to finally learn the truth about August. Kudos to those who first pioneered the Pinocchio theory, because they were spot on the money. Geppetto is a little cuckoo though because how can you seriously think a seven-year-old would be better for a baby than the baby's loving mother? SERIOUSLY. 

Wow, it sounds like I'm terribly angry with this episode, but I'm not. I actually loved it and I thought it had some really great moments. Let's think about baby Emma again, shall we? 

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Unknown said...

Loved finding out for sure who August was! But other then that the one impression I was left with was wanting to knock some sense and belief into Emma!!