Thursday, August 30, 2012

How can Amy and Rory break up?

Just two days until Doctor Who Season 7 premieres. We're all excited, on the edge of our seats, holding our breath...


Well yes. And no. Because the biggest leaks from on set have made it pretty clear that Rory and Amy are getting divorced. In fact the leak is so big, it's not even really much of a secret/spoiler anymore.

Of course, the Doctor is going to bring them back together. Right?

I don't know. I mean, they have to be together, but I just can't picture them breaking up in the first place. They're the Boy and Girl who waited! The Last Centurion and Amelia Pond! They love each other and have shown their devotion and commitment to each other in so many ways over actual centuries.

They can't break up.

There has to be a really, really good explanation for this. Like, it's not our Rory and Amy but robots, or from an alternative dimension, or Dalek impersonators or... I don't know, brainwashed.

Because the Rory and Amy that have captured our hearts over the past two years would never, ever get divorced. So what happened?

And should a show called "Doctor Who" really have us all waiting for the Rory/Amy relationship and not the fate of the Doctor himself???


Master Xavier said...

We'll have to wait and see. Though I wouldn't be altogether too surprised if it did happen. But they'll probably get back together.

Ben Hatke said...

Sigh, the more popular Doctor Who gets the more it seems to fall further into very character-driven drama with fantasy sci-fi trappings.

I still miss Ten, and the writing that slanted more toward ideas than characters emotional relationships. The Doctor loved Rose, but that didn't overshadow the "hey cool we're traveling through space and time" aspect.


Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

I agree. Rose, Martha and Donna were fully fleshed out characters without taking away from the premise of the show. With Amy it feels more like the "Amy Pond" show.

Hoping that dynamic will change with new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman!

storylover said...

It's perfectly logical that we're more worried about Amy and Rory. The Doctor facing Daleks is business as usual. Amy and Rory getting divorced... this is new, and worrisome, since their story ends forever in five episodes. The Doctor will go on to be brilliant with Jenna--Amy and Rory's future is more uncertain.

I disagree that it feels like the Amy Pond show, but the stupid BBC America intro doesn't help my case.

And Ben, Ten's era had more ideas? Weirdly enough, I have the exact opposite opinion. It's weird to go back and see a finale that's just about the Daleks invading Earth, rather than about dreams and identity and memory and alternate universes. Maybe it's just that they used to be about more overtly sci-fi ideas rather than thematic ideas?