Sunday, October 28, 2012

Downton Abbey 3.7

No review for last week because honestly I didn't find much in that episode to talk about.

This week was better, however, so spoiler alert!

First off, I'm fed up with Alfred. Seriously. Daisy can do so much better. I hope she takes her in-law's offer of the farm because that would be awwwwesome.

MARY AND MATTHEW NEED BABIES. Seriously. I feel like Mary hasn't gotten to do much lately, and it seems like some pregnancy stuff might be about to unfold, so maybe next week we'll hear some news?

I am very glad however that she and Matthew are not having relationship drama. It's so lovely to see them happy and supportive of each other. And so comfortable together... who didn't love the scene where Matthew falls back dramatically on the bed? So adorable.

Yes, yes, we all want to punch Robert in the face after the last couple of episodes, but guys, he's trying. He's given in to just about everything, and you can see how hard it is on him. I'm not saying he's perfect, but he's doing better than I expected going into this episode.

Lady Grantham rocks. She's just... she's practical and blunt but she is also compassionate. I love how she is not just 'MUST GET RID OF ETHEL' but actually 'hmmm Ethel is unhappy, must find better position for her and save my family reputation without permanently ticking off Isobel.'

Tom's brother is kind of awful. Makes Tom look moderate in comparison... I think the family realized that. AND THEY ARE GOING TO PUT HIM IN CHARGE! I cheered when this happened. It's the one major thing I did think of last episode, that Tom would be perfect. And it really is the best resolution for everyone. So huzzah!

Bates and Anna are happy at last. This was the first episode where I wanted to see more of them, rather than less (their story has been boring this season imho). So maybe next week...?

Thomas. Oh Thomas. Seriously? What on earth were you thinking? In what scenario is that a good idea? Even if it was a girl it would still be beyond creepy. Eeeeugh. I mean I feel bad for him in his position, but that was seriously stupid. Although O'Brian definitely went over the line there.

Let's end on note of awesome. EDITH. In season one I was so fed up with her. Now? I adore her. I can't wait to see where this journalism takes her! Although the preview for next week looks disturbing... I'll bet the editor publishes a story about Edith getting jilted at the alter and that makes her quit. Hmmm?

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