Friday, October 5, 2012

The Legacy of River Song

A week or so ago I was inspired to sit down and write a short story in the Doctor Who universe. It's not your typical fan fiction, as I wanted to explore more of a theme than a plot (unusual for me!). We always see River Song in relation to the Doctor, but I wanted to look at what her life apart from him was like. Don't worry, the Doctor does make two appearances!

We all loved Professor Song. She made history come alive for us in a way that no other teacher could. It was like she'd fought the Daleks hand to hand, flown the first mission to our Galaxy, or been best friends with Liz 10. 

But though she made history real, there was a part of her that seemed false. She talked about her parents, her husband, but we never saw them. They never came to the banquets, the ceremonies, the unveiling of her wing in the museum. We wondered why, but never dared to ask. 

Sometimes she would miss a class. There would never be a warning, but everyone seemed to know that if she wasn't there when you arrived, she wouldn't be coming. She was never, ever, late.  (Continue reading)

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