Monday, October 29, 2012

OUAT 2.5 "The Doctor"

And no, this isn't a crossover episode with Doctor Who. Spoilers below.

Okay, so I'm still ticked at how they used Frankenstein because I really respect it as a piece of literature.


They weren't drawing on the book, they were drawing on the movies, which are a staple of the horror genre. And it was actually an extremely well crafted episode, so I'll let it slide. I hate horror films, but even I got a kick out of the black and white sequence at the end.

And this was huge for Regina's character development, to see how she finally turned irrevocably evil. And what will loosing Daniel again do for her in Storybrooke? After she's trying so hard to reform for Henry? Either it'll lead way to some major healing, or turn her back to the dark side. Only time will tell.

Speaking of Henry, I much prefer his storyline of being Regina's conscience and learning how to be a knight (as opposed to last season's "I'm going to do what I want no matter what anyone says" gig.) So adorable with the horse!

It was awesome to see more of Dr. Whale and Jefferson. They're both characters with a lot of room for development, and I'm so glad that we're getting to see more of them this season - especially Jefferson. It's fun to see him more quirky mad than completely insane by grief mad.

Not much going on in the Emma/Snow storyline. Aurora and Mulan remain pretty much set dressing, hopefully that'll change soon. Emma got to do some badass interrogating... sorta. And Hook? Eh, didn't add much to this episode. Did like the ending with the beanstalk, however.

However the tidbit I appreciated most in this episode was the short exchange between Jefferson and Rumple about the globe and the slippers. Slippers that facilitate travel between dimensions? Why Dorothy's Ruby Slippers of course! Although, um, *snickers* the idea of Rumple wearing them and saying "there's no place like home"...

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Victoria said...

Oh my gosh, Rumple with ruby slippers..... I'm going to have nightmares now. That's a truly scary mental image.