Sunday, October 14, 2012

OUAT - 2.3 "Lady of the Lake"

Spoilers here, comrades. You have been warned.

Parenthood has always been an important part of "Once Upon a Time." Last week we dealt with children making the same mistakes as their parents. This week we got to look into Snow's heart and see just how much her child meant to her (and I don't think it's the last time we're going to get this theme this year). 

Lancelot was pretty great. They alluded to some nice Round Table stuff, setting up potential for future episodes, but not in a way that overwhelmed the episode. He was a great character that we could be introduced to, serve his function in the episode, but not detract from what was really happening.

I wasn't expecting to see James' mother again, but I'm very glad Snow got to talk to her before she died. And I was excited to see the swinging pendant superstition make an appearance! (They credit it to a gypsy spell, but actually it seems any metal on a chain can predict a baby's gender fairly accurately and was a common method for expectant mothers in the past.) 

Was anyone else surprised by the King's story? I wonder who his wife was, and why she drank a cursed potion? Does this ring any fairy tale bells for anyone? 

It was kind of adorable to see Emma trying so hard to be badass, and just not getting how different this new world is from the one she knows. She's using to having to protect Mary Margaret, and it's hard for her to accept that Snow is quite capable of defending herself. 

Emma and Aurora, weird new best-friends-to-be? I like the circle of gals we've got here, but I would have expected Emma to bond with Mulan more than Aurora... although both Emma and Aurora are out of their depth here, so it does make sense that they'd be drawn to each other.

In Storybrooke not much happened, although we got to see Jefferson reunited with Grace. Huzzah! Did anyone else's heart break when they saw how happy Regina was that Henry called her, and then he stood her up? 

One of the best moments was definitely when David pulled out the swords and told Henry that he would teach him. "After all, you're the grandson of a prince!"

No Rumplestiltskin this week, but he and Belle are due to be the stars of next week's episode, with new character Captain Hook making an appearance. Hook is apparently being reinvented as a sort of Jack Sparrow look-alike and already has the fangirls swooning... there's no denying that he's good looking, but he's still the man who killed Tinkerbelle, right? 

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