Monday, March 17, 2014

OUAT 3.13 - "Witch Hunt."

Meg. I'm sorry, you were right. Her dress is purple.
I love how OUAT can sometimes be predictable, and yet still be a charming breath of fresh air. There's just something special about it.

Anyhow, put those predictions on hold and click away if you don't want spoilers, because plenty are coming below!

First we have to acknowledge the really interesting position Henry is in. In contrast to season 1, where he was the only one who knew the truth, he now is the only one (in Storybrooke) who remains in the dark. It's a nice and interesting contrast.

But that's barely the tip of the "interesting" iceberg of this episode.

First off, I was THRILLED to see a proper cameo of Ruby, who I was beginning to despair of ever returning. Also some semi-decent screen time from Dr. Whale and Belle.

But most exciting was Robin's involvement in the story, particularly his connection to Regina. I loved the scene where she saved Roland and then turned the monkey into a stuffed animal for the kid. Robin of course sees through her icy demeanor to the grieving mother below....

In fact, this was a pretty good episode for Regina fans in general, from her pairing up with Emma, to her agony over losing Henry, to the discovery of Zelena's real identity (but okay, we all saw that coming from a mile. Everyone is related. Everyone.)

Not unexpected in the least, but shocking nonetheless in it's execution, is the return of our favorite Rumpelstiltskin... mad and locked away in Zelena's celler.

And who wants to bet that she has some evil scheme planned for Snow and Charming's unborn child?

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Elora Shore said...

I loved this episode! I was so happy at the end to see Rumple back! He's my favorite by far--I'm absolutely in love with his character. It's so interesting, and very human. I can't wait for the next episode, see what happens--and of course, what new costumes pop up! It was so funny when Regina said that Zelena was wearing her dress. And then Regina being so happy that now she did have a purpose, albeit to someone else's eyes a perhaps twisted one--someone to destroy. It isn't so much the destruction of someone else as the competition, the challenge, the fight--she's her own type of a warrior that needs a an opponent in her life, to give her a goal, a focus. It's how she works. I find that so interesting! It's what I love about the show. They're so human, and the writing is excellent.