Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lately I've Been Spinning

I've been getting back into spinning again. My wheel was broken for quite some time, but my parents repaired it as a Christmas gift and now I've finally cracked open my fiber stash and started making yarn again. 

I'd forgotten how relaxing it is. I love sitting and listening to the almost silent thrum and whirr, sending the wheel spinning with my foot on the pedal and spreading fibers through my hands. It's so peaceful, such a straightforwards method of creating. 

Nathan was a bit surprised to learn that spinning the yarn myself isn't really much cheaper than buying it prespun. "Why do you do it, then?"

"Because I like it," I replied. "It's calming and plus it makes the finished product extra special."

And I'm learning that I really love the different texture of handspun yarn. To purchase it really would be cost prohibitive, but it really is a joy to work with! I'm experimenting with different weights and colors and want to try some different types of fibers soon. I promised myself and Nathan that I wouldn't buy any more wool until I'd used up at least half my stash. Which is fine because it goes pretty fast - there's a LOT of air in a fleece! 

When I was younger, spinning was done for it's own end - I wove but I didn't knit and it's a lot harder to start a weaving project than a knit one. Now however I'm a very avid knitter and it is SO fun and SO easy to take my own yarn and knit it up! 

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