Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some things about House Hunting

We are in the process of finding a house. It's kind of an overwhelming crazy scary process, so I try to find the humor in it when I can. That's not terribly hard to do because in our price range, there are some really wacky things that show up.

(Especially the basements. The basements are scary.)

One house had a garage that was really about to fall over. We didn't know quite what to make of it.

This isn't so much funny as me going "What kind of fruit is that, anyone know?"

Guys. I kid you not. This weird egg epcot sculpture thing was in the yard of the last house we looked at. I don't know what it is or why it was there, but it was there. (In case you wondered, the house was a pit, so no, we are not even considering acquiring the weird sculpture.)

The *perfect* house of the night was in a neighborhood we didn't feel comfortable in - alas! However there was another abode in another locale that has potential... if you feel led to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate prayers for wisdom and guidance! 

UPDATE: Summer of 2014 was not the right time for us to buy a house... but January 2016 was! And it didn't involve any creepy basements, but rather a miracle!


Mary(Aliceoutofwonderland) said...

House hunting is not a fun process :P Right now my husband and I are also 'kind of' house hunting. We're starting to look for land to build a house on, and so far we haven't found anything! Praying you will find something soon! Preferably without an egg sculpture in the yard :D

Haha, I take it someone told you what the 'fruit' was? I only know what it is because I grew up with one of those trees in my backyard :)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Nope, no one has identified the fruit yet!

Elora Shore said...

I was going to say that it looked like ginkgo fruit, but the leaves look different.

But anyway, what an adventure! I'll definitely be praying that you find a good place!

Mary(Aliceoutofwonderland) said...

It's a walnut tree if you can believe it :) They really do look like some kind of fruit, though! My parents made the mistake of setting up our pool partially under one and we always had quite a few of those floating in our pool!

Unknown said...

I thought it was a peach tree and they were baby peaches.