Monday, April 11, 2016

Author Life Sound Bites

A few things about writing:

#1 - Taxes as an author. Interesting thoughts in this blog post and the comment thread.

#2 - Brand names as an author. How to deal with trademarks? Here's one helpful post I found on the subject.

#3 - I'm starting to do formatting work on "The Mermaid and the Unicorn." It is partially necessary because knowing how many pages the manuscript already is DOES affect my editing strategy. And my potential cover artist needs to know what font to work with. But also it's totally procrastinating on actual edits because PRETTY FORMATTING.

#4 - I am going a little insane trying to figure out a series name for "M&U." It's a LONG story that I'll discuss further at some point, but the original series title is scrapped and I need something else and EVERY SINGLE DECENT IDEA I HAVE IS ALREADY TAKEN. Bleh.

#5 - I think when you read an inspiring story and fact check it and find out that it is false, the natural reaction is to be upset, both with oneself for believing it, with the conveyor for not checking it before sharing it, our with the creator for talking lies (although their original version may have been labeled as fiction and gotten lost in the telephone game of things). But I think the healthy reaction is to think "how can I make such an inspiring story true? If it brightens my day to think such a thing is true, how much good will it do if I actually act in such a way?"

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