Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Game Rooms and Puppies

First things first... yes, we are getting a puppy!

In about two months we are going to bring one of these adorable furbabies home! Mama is a shih Tzu, papa is a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix, and I have known both parents since they were babies and they mesh well with my health limitations, so we are very excited to have the chance to adopt one of their kids!!! Also happy to have someone to keep me company while Nathan is at work! 

I have been wanting an indoor dog for a very long time. I had two dogs growing up, but because they were golden retrievers, they were not allowed indoors. As soon as Nathan and I bought our house, I started talking really seriously about getting a dog (we'd talked casually about it before). We considered getting a hearing dog, but you are not allowed to express any preferences, and we couldn't risk getting something I was allergic to, or that would shed a lot or be too big for me to handle with my fibro issues. Since I knew both parent dogs, and their pregnancy timed out perfectly with our move, we felt this was God's direction on how to proceed. I am tremendously excited about having a little fur friend around the house! (Extrovert here... days can get long, especially when I am really in pain.)

Our weekly Star Wars RPG has finally outgrown our kitchen table, so I needed to get our family room organized pronto. For game night we push the tables together and bring down chairs from upstairs. During the rest of the week, I can use the surfaces for cutting out fabric, either apart or together.

And I finally got my geek artwork out of storage and on the walls! (Also a new Star Wars poster, because Star Wars RPG group!)

RPG stands for "Role Playing Game" and we use the system put out by Nathan's company (Fantasy Flight Games.) Our crew is kind of a Firefly set-up (my character is half Simon Tam, half Zoe), but in the Star Wars universe right after the 1st Death Star blew up. It's a lot of fun! This week our characters went to a fancy dress ball (after three years of jungle, desert and space ruffians), so some of us dressed up a bit. Nathan is wearing his "evil Gamemaster" shirt with the Empire symbol on it, since as GM he plays all the Non-Player-Characters including the bad guys. 

Our Tuesday night RPG  has been the one social activity I've kept up with since my fibro flared up last fall. We don't always meet, but our group is extremely understanding when my health gets in the way and so I can cancel without feeling guilty, which is a huge blessing.

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AnneMarie said...

The puppies are all adorable, and I'm excited that you'll have one to keep you company! I don't know much about RPG stuff, but your character sounds kind of awesome :)