Monday, November 14, 2016

Fairy Tales, Writing Updates, Museums, and Mateo

Today's post is going to be a smorgasbord of updates, recaps and news. (FYI - OUAT spoilers are at the bottom of this post)

First off - the big news online today is the release of the "Beauty and the Beast" trailer. Although I was uncertain about some of the costumes in the photos released the other week, I am pretty optimistic about the new trailer. I'm pretty bummed that I won't be able to see it in theaters, due to the way the over simulation gives me migraines, but right now I'd say there's a good chance I'll be buying it the day it releases on DVD! (Husband, thou hast been warned!)

Speaking of headaches, we are trying a new (for me), very specialized type of chiropractic care to try and get to the root cause. Although I have done regular chiro before, I've never gotten long lasting results. This new care is a type that has worked amazing well for a friend of mine who also has fibro, and so far my body is responding in a very promising manner. We are trying not to get our hopes up too high, but it is difficult! We'd love prayers - both that it would work well, and that if it doesn't, that we would be at peace and continue to trust in God's plans. (I will discuss this treatment in further detail if it works out, but I don't want to say too much until we get something more concrete.)

On the book front, I am about to plunge into edits on "The Professor and the Siren" as soon as I get notes back from my Alpha readers. One of those readers is my husband, Nathan, who figured out how to use a text-to-speech app to listen to the book (so cool listening to my book with a British narrator!) We continue to plan on a February 14th, 2017 release for this novella, which currently looks to be hitting about 160 pages (the book itself will be a slightly smaller trim size than "The Mermaid and the Unicorn" to help distinguish it's status as a companion novella and not a direct sequel). 

The actual sequel, "The Selkie and the Queen" is about 10k in length right now. It's a bit weird going from the tight pacing of the short novella format to the richer description and fuller details of a fantasy length novel again. However, I really love the setting and cast for the book, and I'm having fun immersing myself in their world. 

Meanwhile, "The Mermaid and the Unicorn" is now stocked at Chesterton Press! After many years of being an avid fan of CP owner, Regina Doman, and promoting and selling CP books at conferences and online, it is really cool to see them stocking my own novel (which of course, they played a vital role in starting). Very 'full circle' so to speak. 

Last week my mother-in-law came up to help us catch up on our long list of to-do items before the snow hits. In addition to getting a lot of important stuff accomplished, we also had fun times, including some Steampunk Pirates on Halloween, with new additions to our costumes!

The pulpit where Luther preached his final sermon.
MIL also treated us to the Martin Luther/Reformation exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Given that actually traveling to Germany is FAR out of our reach right now, this would have been a really cool opportunity even if it wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of the objects on display in the US. This is because the MIA is restoring some items (like Luther's pulpit) and thus it is coming out of his church for the first time in 500 years (and possibly for the next 500 years as well). While this exhibit probably has the most interest for those of Protestant origin, it is an extremely well-done and diverse exhibit that I think would prove fascinating for anyone with an interest in European history. If you're in the Twin Cities between now and mid-January, I recommend checking it out!
Nathan and his mum, silhouetted against the beautiful Minneapolis skyline

This is Minnesota? In NOVEMBER??? 

He likes yarn almost as much as his mom. 
Mateo is also enjoying the gorgeous weather! At just short of 15lbs he is bigger than either of his parents, and we continue to enjoy watching him grow and learn more every day! He brings constant smiles to our faces...not a surprise in my case, but it has been a bit astonishing to see how much Nathan (not a dog fan) enjoys having Mateo in our little family. 

We also managed to find a 'Mateo' ornament for our Christmas tree! I didn't think it was possible, but almost as soon as we walked into "World Market" last night, I found myself facing a miniature version of my pup. Could not stop grinning about it!

World Market has this ornament in several Shih Tzu color combos!

The other Hajek pursuit this month is indoctrinating Nathan in the ways of "Once Upon a Time." I am thrilled at how much he is enjoying the show, although I rather dread the fact that next Spring I'll have to wait an additional nine or so hours to watch each new episode! Horrors! ;) 

Speaking of OUAT (mildly spoilerific?)... no full recap this week because I need to have some diversity on the blog, but I do wish to say that the opening montage was just pitch perfect and nearly made me cry. Waaaaaa.... 

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AnneMarie said...

Wow, that is so exciting that your book is being sold by CP!!! Very, very cool. Congratulations!
That ornament looks just like Mateo-how cute! I am so glad that he is bringing such joy to you and Nathan :)