Monday, November 7, 2016

OUAT 6.6 and 7 - "Dark Waters" and "Heartless"

As I mentioned two weeks ago , Nathan is finally joining into the OUAT fun. We are halfway through season 2, and stayed up far too late last night in order to get through "Manhatten" (which is just one of my favorite episodes. LOVE that reveal!)

spoilers forthcoming...

Last week we got our "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" episode, which was great (finally more Hook!). Although I have to be nitpicky - back in Season 2, Cora told Hook that he wouldn't notice that 28 years passed, while "Dark Waters" clearly states that the flashback action is taking place during the time of the Dark Curse. So... little slip up there. However, getting to see Liam II come back was worth it (and a great Captain Nemo). Also, Henry/Hook bonding was great, particularly Hook wondering how he was going to manage the video game console. And this gem:

Henry: My Pop Tarts!
Hook; I'll make us a real pirate's breakfast of grapefruit and boiled mackeral! There'll be no scurvy here today!

Now this week's episode, "Heartless" brought us another Snow/Charming retcon, but it was just plausible enough to work, so I'll give them that. Nice to see a little more about what spurred Snow to become an outlaw. Although I must say, I was very distracted by Snow and David throwing "Longbourn" around. I kept expecting Elizabeth Bennet to pop up!!!

I'm glad that they are continuing to give Belle strong lines and cute clothes (even though I'm totally distracted by Gold's haircut all the time.) Hook remains way underused, although they are giving him more of his trademark snark again, so that's lovely.

"Never trusted the stuff. Rum would never do that!"

But of course the main point to take away from this episode was the ending, which is the best twist this season has given us so far. The moment Charming's eyes closed I yelled "SHE PULLED A LADYHAWKE!" (basically)

(Ladyhawke - a little known but sweet 80's fantasy film about a pair of lovers cursed so that the lovers alternate human and animal form, so that although they are always physically together, they can never both be human and communicate at the same time)

Anyhow, this is a fresh story twist for the show to take and I'm pretty psyched to see how it plays out.

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