Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Writing...

Considering that I listed my occupation as "author" I've written surprisingly little about my own writing projects. The main reason for that is simply that I don't want to risk my ideas being stolen. Also, I've heard that if you post any of your writing online, that counts as being "published" and can mess things up when you go to get the final work published by an actual publishing company.

However, I do like to discuss some of the ideas running around in my head...and Master Xavier from Catholic Discussion recently did a similar post, so we can make it the "Theme of the Week" or something...right Paul?

The following ideas are my own and directly copying them without my permission counts as plagarisim.

My current trilogy revolves around three sisters, each who take a seperate journey in time or space (earth space, not outer space) to resolve a historical/legandary cycle of distruction that is repeating itself in a differant time (modern or otherwise).

Each of the sisters also has a male counterpart who plays an equal role in ending (or, as I call it, straightening) the cycle. My heroines are not "warrior princesses" and, to the best of my ability, their roles are feminine in nature.

Something that has only developed recently is that each of the girls actually represents an element. I already knew that they each had a flower/plant, but the element part of it rather surprised me. This isn't original with me, each member of the Fantastic Four, for example, also represents an element. However, it was a rather cool discovery.

Theia, (her name is actually Aletheia, which is the Greek word for truth) the eldest, represents water. She is usually peaceful, but can become quite fierce if necessary, has unseen depths, and will work away steady at something until she achieves it. Her flower is the Scottish Thistle. Also, the other characters often notice that her eyes are the color of water- somewhat hard to place.

Lizzie, the first twin, represents fire. She is hotheaded and passionate, with a great zest for life. She is also the most physically attractive of the sisters. Her flower is the English Rose.

Rachel, the second twin, represents earth, and is in many ways the opposite of Lizzie. She is quite, nurturing, (life-giver), gentle, yet firm in her resolve. Her "plant" is a tree, but I am not certain if it will be a certain kind of tree, or just a tree in general.

The sisters all make appearances in each other's stories, but the books that are "theirs" are really "their" story. However, their brother Joel (the middle child) will be going along with Lizzie for her adventure. He's not the hero of her story though.

There are also my three heros. However I am not going to reveal their names at this point, because they would give away too many plot secrets of books 2 and 3. (Especially 3).

The reason I am making this post now is because I have reached (actually, passed) the halfway point in my major revision process. I had to do some intensive reworking, which includes almost completely rewriting about 4 or 5 chapters. I had one section originally set in Wales that I had to move to France. However the upside of all that was that I got to introduce one the major characters for book 2 that I am extremely excited about. He's rather young and cocky right now, so it will be interesting to see how he matures as I continue writing!

Well, that's all for now, folks. If all goes well I'll be able to start the publication process later this year. Whether or not it'll ever hit the bookstore shelves remains to be seen.


eijtaeojoaehoj said...

Ha "Theme of the Week." ;)

Interesting. Just kinda watch it with the element issue so as not to cross into something 'New Age.' But I'm perfectly fine with attributing their characteristics to some sort of thing in this world. Like Rose and Blanche... lol

Abby said...

I actually didn't get the attachment on your last email...I can't wait to read your story! It's very neat how many different little things you thought up (with the plants and water, fire, earth stuff). I hope it DOES hit the bookshelves!

Elenatintil said...

@Paul- new age? lol. My reaction was totally a "blank face" because I don't even know what you mean by that, much less have any intention of being so...

@Abby- yeah, I always forget to actually attach the silly about you reply to my last e-mail and then I'll send it to you?

Rose Marchen said...

I hope it gets published so I can read it! My interest is definatly piqued. I like the girls already!
Good luck on the writing!

eijtaeojoaehoj said...

Sorry for the confusion. But New Age is basically trying to reach the 'inner' peace by Eastern Medition, Yoga, and a sort of idolization of 'mother nature.' I'm not saying your story is that, but just the elemental bit got me thinking.

Yes, do publish it soon! Or at least send me a small portion in an email. I'm dying to see your writing style! lol

Elenatintil said...

Paul- I know what New Age is, but I had no idea how the elements played into that...I guess we're on the same page now, though.

Sure! I'll send you the first couple of chapters...later tonight when I'm trying to think up excuses to avoid schoolwork...(ah! The secret is out! I'm a bad