Friday, March 7, 2008

Pride and Prejudice vs. Pride and Prejudice pt. 1

This is the intro post to what will be a series of posts comparing the A&E version (with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle) to the 2005 version (with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFayden). There is way too much controversy on "which is better" and I simply want to get my thoughts down once and for all.

I believe I'm a fairly decent authority on Austen's works, though by no means an expert. However I've watched and read the books enough times that I think I can do a fairly accurate critique.

Also, I've had quite a bit of experience in film production (including scriptwriting) so I will be bringing those skills to this analysis as well.

Areas I would like to examine are:

Characters- major

Characters- minor



Set design

Production design/Cinematography

First of all, I will say up front that I enjoy the 2005 version better. Both versions have their strengths and weaknesses. However I want to acknowledge that bias up front.
Also, it is extremely important to point out that they are not both movies. The A&E version is a mini-series. the 2005 version is an actual film. This is most important in the screenplay section and I will discuss this differance in more detail there.
For now I will say that the main differance between the versions (besides the length) is that the A&E version is more of a "play" whereas the 2005 version is much more realistic. In my comparisions I will explore just what makes the one feel more "real" than the other. I will also discuss which one is more true to Austen.
So if you haven't watched both versions yet, go do so, then come back and get ready to comment! I'm sure there will be a lot to discuss!


eijtaeojoaehoj said...

This should be interesting. :) I've just finished Cassette 2 of the A&E. I'm actually enjoying it, and I will admit, I have a bad habit of breaking into laughter. Particularly with Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Collins proposal... Those English people were interesting characters. Vive La France!!! :D

Rose Marchen said...

Cool! Am looking forward to this. We have the 2005 version and just recently watched the A&E version. So I am ready to "air my thoughts" on the subject! I personally perfer both I think. Hmmmm... Well I consider the two more before I decide!

Elenatintil said...

Yay! Comments! I was beginning to think that I had bored everyone excessively with this post... thankfully I see that that is not the case and will continue my comparison!

Rose Marchen said...

Well, sorry, would have commented sooner but no computer except on Sundays. =) Can't wait until Lent is over.

"Things do pile up, when you've been gone a hundred years!" ~ Father Christmas in: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Elenatintil said...

Perfect quote! =) And I shall be quite glad as well when Lent is over, so that we all may once more enjoy the company of those who chose to forgoe internet and computer during Lent.

deleted said...

Hi Elena,

I actually re-watching the 2005 version right now, so I am very intrested in your opinion, though I'm sure we wont agree on some things.