Monday, September 22, 2008

More thoughts on written Romance

In the past two weeks I've written two posts on differant aspects of written romance. One was how I see Christ in the Twilight romance between Bella and Edward. The other was how I had discovered that romance was what I wanted to write.

But I've realized a third thing.

Romance is important, not because it makes us happy to read about it (it doesn't always, a lot of times it can make us disatisfied), but because it is a reflection of the eternal romance.

So what does that mean for me, as a writer and a Christain?

It means that I specifically want to write each of my romances to point back to Christ. That means that I won't write fluffy or cute, I'll write real. (Which might include cute moments, of course). No human (or even written) relationship can possibly show the true beauty of our love story with Christ, but it can give us one of the best pictures we can have on this earth.

Of course, it's also important to note that Christ is more than our lover. His is father, brother, king, high priest, mediator...everything. But I think at differant points in our life we can connect better with differant aspects of his character to us. And the pure romance part of it is something I want to point to in my writing.


Anonymous said...

So true. Great insight!

Delaney said...

And it sounds like something I would definitely want to read! :) Good thoughts, Elena. I agree with you.

My religion class teacher was talking to us yesterday about how when we're in heaven we'll be beyond the earthly ties of marriage. We'll know our spouse in heaven, but we won't be one with them anymore, because marriage between a man and woman is a symbol of Christ's marriage to His church and we'll be in union with Christ.