Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just finished reading Nemesis, by Agatha Christie. It didn't have enough happening in it for it to really be one of my favorite Christy novels (too much retelling of the same things over and over), but it was defientely more original.

What I found most interesting was it's insight into human character. The Miss Marple mysteries tend to have more of this than the others- such as "The Mirror Crack'd". And I appreciate that. It gives the book...more purpose than merely reading an entertaining novel. It's a look into the human nature.

In this particular installment, Miss Marple is brought onto a case by...a dead man. Before his death he left her a letter, asking her to investigate a crime...simply a crime. He gives her no other clue than the word "Nemesis" although as time goes by further directions appear. By following his directions (blindly, I must say) Miss Marple is able to uncover the truth and redeem an innocent life.

What struck me as I was reading what that Miss Marple's way of solving this case was much like the way we must go through our lives. The future lies rather hazy in front of us, and we really have no idea what the next day will bring. Those of us who are followers of Christ watch and wait for his direction...even though we rarely recieve explanation for why we are supposed to take that particular path. Like Miss Marple we often seem to run into dead ends and wonder if we're on the right path after all.

But I've been finding lately in my own life that the paths are often not so random as they may seem...and that the answer to the mystery really does become a little bit clearer every day.

So anyhow, I felt this was one of the Christie novels with a bit more depth to it that simply "Whodunit."

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