Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girl Genius

Adventure. Romance. Mad Science.

Those are the thrills that "Girl Genius" promises to bring readers. And I can tell you it not only fulfulls the promise - it exceeds it.

My friend Bowman lent me the first three volumes of Girl Genius when I was down in Virginia this last week for the FT-Novel get-together. I read all three of them in just about 24 hours and I was completely hooked. Once I got back home I went online and read the remaining six volumes online. Now I am eagerly awaiting Friday for the next page to be released.

"Girl Genius" is the story of young Agatha Clay, a girl who lives in a Steampunk Victorian era Germany. This world is dominated by stories of the family Heterodyne...and the "Other" that tried to destroy them. Nowadays it is the Baron who keeps the peace...but he keeps his eyes open for promising young inventors, who possess the creative genius that makes them known as "sparks." When the Baron comes to Agatha's city, and his son Gil discovers that Agatha is a spark, her world changes forever...

There's some risque humor and violence that makes it for the 16-and-up crowd, but overall it's a very good story, with excellent characters, plot, and humor. I highly recommend it for the appropriate age group.

"Girl Genius" is an online comic which means that every single page is availible for free online. New pages are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Matthew Bowman said...

Muwahahaha! Maybe my forum title should be Addictor Bowman. Doctors are supposed to cure and prevent addictions. ;)

Also, check out the Girl Genius Radio Theater, which takes those silly short stories into the realm of audio dramas. (There are two stories performed there; they're not anything that's been drawn, but you'll see why they present them in that weird way.)

I'll also point out that there's a whole Girl Genius wiki. You can become an expert fan pretty quick. ;)

MJ said...

YEAH Girl Genius, and that is true've created many of my addictions.

Carmie said...

I just read all of those comics in 24 hours. . .just because of this one post.