Friday, August 5, 2011

Apartment Pictures

Guess what I have? Some pictures of my new apartment!

This is my plant, which is a dragon tree, so I named it Lockheed after Kitty Pryde's Dragon. The blue tea cups were props on SOTB.
I love the color red. And William Waterhouse paintings.
If you've never had your own bathroom, or if you've never had to share a bathroom, then you cannot understand what a joy it is to finally have my own bathroom after over two decades of sharing. I enjoyed decorating it with removable wall decals from Target.
Remember those decals I mentioned? Well they also come in sparkly chandelier shapes!
Tea cupboard!
Kitchen before I got my stuff in
Look for more pictures and organizing/decorating adventures at Confessions of a Seamstress!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

Looks great! Much nicer than my apartment :P
I love the tea cupboard, and I have the same chandelier decal at my room at home (I love it!).