Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Wedding of River Song... the review.

It's time for the Final Installment of this week's Doctor Who fest. Afterwards I promise I shall return to posting things that will appeal to non-DW fans as well. ;)

First off, if you haven't seen "The Wedding of River Song," do not read past this paragraph. There will be spoilers, and if this review spoils the episode for you, I shall be heartbroken. So have compassion on my heart and just watch it. Thank you! :)

----Spoilers Abound---

Remember how I said there were two lines I wanted explained in this episode? And as long as they were explained, I wouldn't care what else was left hanging?

Well they were explained. Perfectly. And more lovely lines, lovely characterization, and awesome stuff made this episode very nearly perfect for me.

(It was too short to be 100% perfect, but it was very close).

Some of my theories were right, and some were wrong. We didn't have a ganger, but we DID have a tesselecta which fulfilled the set-up and pay-off requirement brilliantly, and fooled us all with the ganger red-herring. So kudos, Moffat.

The eyepatches were perfect, and gave us BAMF moments for both Rory and Amy. ("I'm Pond. Amy Pond." So awesome!)

The parenthood aspect was subtle, but there, in its significant role in the wedding. Parental consent on behalf of the brides parents is evidently the main part of a Time Lord wedding.

Well, that and bowties. ;)

And River was wonderful. For a few days I struggled a bit with her overdramatic line that she would suffer more than the entire universe if the Doctor died... but then someone pointed out that she is a very, very young River. And I remember what I felt even a few years ago being in love, and even now I could see myself saying that line. Because when you contemplate someone you love dying (even in a non romantic love way), it's the most terrible thing imaginable. In fact it's not imaginable. The Doctor, of course, is ancient and mature and can sacrifice loved ones for the good of the universe. But young River? No. She can't. Because she's only just begun to live.

The question was perfect. Definitely guessed by fans, but so obvious that most didn't take it seriously. But it is perfect, and I expect that will be a major role in the 2013 50th anniversary year.

And then we've got the Doctor going back to being the shadowy adventurer. The lone rescuer. No longer the focus of every major force in history and space, but someone who slips into the background and performs his heroic actions in secret. This was a necessary turn, and I'm so glad they're setting it up so well.

There is so much more I could say about this episode. And yet I still find it hard to be coherent about it. My reaction when I think of it is to smile and laugh and dance and cheer... because those are the feelings Moffat made me feel. Moffat the master. Moffat who doesn't care about tying up every single scientific little detail, to the annoyance of many. Moffat who brings us the wedding of the Doctor and River Song in an alternate reality on top of a pyramid, involving a robot and a bowtie.

I loved it.


Miranda said...

Right on, my dear. I couldn't have been happier about the way this season progressed, nor happier about the final resolution. Thank God Moffat doesn't care more about "science" (after, all, science fiction has to break the rules all the time just to exist) than the wellbeing of the characters we love.

Resa said...

Great post Elena! I have to say I really really liked this episode ^_^ and was so happy with myself when I figured out ahead of time that it was the tesselecta. One of my main concerns going into the final was, it's not a two part episode, how on earth is that gonna work? But I think it worked pretty good.

Moira said...

I was so excited about this episode, but I hadn't watched all the previous episodes due to life getting in the way (grr), so your "pre-finale" post really helped put some perspective on the episode.
I loved it! I love that Moffatt isn't too chicken to give a happy ending to a story that deserves one, despite the fact that he could have easily made it more complicated. Everything just really fell into place, and convinced me that he definitely knows his art.

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Just have to say I have really appreciated the thoughtful replies you all have left on this post. It means a lot that I can write a review and it's insightful and appreciated by fellow fans. So thank you!